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The year was 1935; aged 22, Youssef Gergi Bou Khalil opened a small grocery store in the Baabda souk, in a suburb of Beirut. His business grew and the shop expanded with young Youssef taking over the adjoining shops. In just a few years, the grocery became the reference in and around the Baabda souk.

When the Lebanese war started in 1975, and after the souks of the capital broke up, Youssef and his eldest son Georges began to feel a bit cramped in the small 125-square-meters business.

  In 1980 the first Bou Khalil Supermarket opened in downtown Baabda, right next to where the first grocery store had been.

  In 1986 the second Bou Khalil Supermarket opened in Feytroun, Kesrouan, on the road to Faraya.

At the end of the 1980s, all the members of the Bou Khalil family were involved in the running and management of what was to become one of the most important retail chains in Lebanon.

  In 1994, a new commercial concept is inaugurated in Baabda on the international Beirut-Damascus road. The first hypermarket in Lebanon is born with a mall (le drugstore) comprising a dozen shops in the Faubourg Saint Jean.

  Early March 1999, the group steps up its operations with the central buying office becoming operational.

  At the end of March 1999, a Hypermarket and a mall are opened in Mkalles, east of the capital in the direction of Metn.

  In October 1999, the first regional mall is opened in the north of Lebanon, in Tripoli. Over 24 000 m2, one can find a hypermarket, over 50 shops on three levels and underground parking lots.

  April 2000, a new supermarket is opened in the heart of Beyrouth at Koraytem with a few service shops.

  June 2001, a new mall is opened in Hamra Plaza, in the heart of Lebanon, at Zahle, in the Bekaa valley, on the road to Baalbeck.

  March 2004, a hypermarket is taken over in Jbeil (Byblos), 40 km north of Beirut (over two levels with open air and underground parking lots).

  April 2007 a new hypermarket in Atelias, at St Elie Mall.

  June 2012, a new supermarket is opened in the heart of Kousba Al Arez High way, on one level with parking on the road and underground

   July 2014, a new supermarket is opened in Damour on Saida  High way, a functional sales area   with parking on the road and underground

The growth of Bou Khalil matches prudently the whimsical rhythm of the Lebanese mass marketing field.






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