Boutique Pier Import au Faubourg Bou Khalil – Bahsas, Tripoli

Tel. : 06 411300

Boutique Pier Import au Drugstore Bou Khalil - Mkalles

Tel. : 01 683246

Boutique Pier Import au Drugstore Bou Khalil - Faubourg St. Jean – Baabda

Tel. : 05 455192

Boutique Pier Import à Baabda le SOUK – Baabda

Tel. : 05 920009

Corners dans les Hypermarchés Bou Khalil à Jbeil (Byblos), Koraytem, Antelias, Zahlé et à Feytroun.


Philosophy and concept


Decorating one’s home is a creative act allowing each and every one of us to express his or her personality without any constraints. Playing with colours and materials to create an atmosphere, experimenting with countless accessories and decorating objects is what most of us wish for.

Today’s fashion is showing through in one’s home where the styles can be constantly reinvented. Affordable prices alone can make this possible. Pier Import stores are in a unique and specific position on the market; they offer constantly renewed objects at affordable prices to allow you to decorate your home any way you like.

All the Pier Import products, be they for decoration, accessorizing, or even furniture, kitchenware and much more allow each of us to personalize our homes by creating our own perfect surroundings.



The products


Pier Import is the ideal place to find new products for your home and new and original ideas for gifts. The members of the purchasing department of Pier Import Europe travel year-round in 30 countries in order to find new products with the best quality-price ratio.

Every year Pier Import renews about 40% of its catalog in order to follow new trends and market fashions.


The Pier Import products are divided into 6 categories:


Furniture and accessories: table, chairs, shelves…

Dining: plates, glasses, bottles, cutlery…

Decoration: textiles, carpets, lamps, mirrors…

Gifts: candles, candleholders, incense, frames…

Kitchen accessories: utensils, trays…

Bathroom accessories




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